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        WE ARE THE BEST !  Our Moto is 


       "If we dont fix it you dont pay"   There isn't beter then that. Risk free.

Who we are ?


Dr.Phil in Business  from 1996 from the beepers time as the busines change we change and upgarde our business and now we can fix almost every thing includes water damge remember

                                "if we dont fix it you dont pay"

                                                                                                            So the risk is free.

Even if you don't use our services we will give you the best advice on your repair 

Very frelndy, RELIABLE,FAST and the most important PROFESIONAL SERVICE.

some customers think we do Magic...

                                                                     Dont belive "YELP" Come check for yourself 


We are in Business for long time and trust me we know beter !! Some stores includes the stores with big names will tell you that your device is done and there is nothing you can do ! Well DON'T listen to no one  come and check with us FIRST we will tell you the right thing with your problem we are the BEST

 in this filed no one will tell you that >>>

           if we dont fix you dont pay

              all of them will charge you

    regardless working or not working      


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